Pleiadians of Peace 11:11 Stargate – New Planetary Frequenccy -Shekina Rose


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Pleiadians of Peace 11:11 Stargate

New Planetary Frequency

We Are Connected To You

On the 11 11 of every year is a gateway to connect with Source and the galactic families. The 11 11 Awakening phenomenon is a pre-encoded triggering sequence to activate a massive wake-up call for starseeds to a higher mission to accomplish in your connection together.


The Pleiadian of Peace and Light Source Portal 333


The Pleiadians of Peace in their ship made their presence known on 11-11-2013 at the Cathedral Rock Vortex, in Sedona, Arizona, with their message, “We are here for Peace.” After this contact, a developing relationship with the Pleiadians of Peace ensued which created gateways to the higher realms and a reopening of one of the stargate light portals from the Earth to Source.

This occurs by the collaboration process of a starbeing gatekeeper human, the bridge in unison with Solar Ray Deity, Gaia and the Galactics.

Many of you, the starseeds, blue ray, light workers and new forerunners, are being called to be the bridge frequency ambassadors.

This 11 11 will awaken new codes for your roles as galactic connectors, tele-etheric communicators, tele-audio receivers, galactic interface communicators and commanders. This call is coming from your spirit-soul via the Infinite awareness that penetrates everything. Source is speaking to you.

The 11 11 11 portal exists through time and space and is not a one-time gathering; it can be used like a vortex and transmitter of concentrated energy, like your churches and power places of the Earth.

During these gateways, you have increased access to attune to your galactic origins and harmonic resonances for peace and a higher divine order of Light.

The 11 11 will bring interdimensional resonance within the whole system of your enhanced Divine God essence with a focus on peace and prosperity. Use the diamond shape configuration to assist in heaven and earth energies and integration and the steeple hand connection to stabilize body frequencies with the 11:11 Universal Peace Prayer. Know as well that there could be deep soul core issues coming up to be released, healed and transmuted, which support the letting go on the planet of ancient wars and war-like mentality. This can also

Galactic Pleiadian Message: How we are connected to you and got here 444

The Venusians, Pleiadians/Inner earth and Lemurians are interconnected and have the same root origins of destiny.

We, the Pleiadians and the Venusians, came through the different stars and systems to populate Earth/Gaia. We existed in the universe Earth Agartha and as different names. Venusians became the Lemurians. The Venusians have Pleiadian, Arcturian and Sirius alignments. These alignments work together as grids / matrices of networks of coherence of energies, each one having a certain property energetic that can allow connections to occur. It is like reading a galactic map of how one can get from one place to the next, what are the connections as if one were to travel on a plane, what are the places that would allow for the next connection.

It has been mostly on the earth plane where the learning and information works in a linear fashion. In this way the greater dimensional picture is not fully recognized and so many parts of information are not conceived. This goes hand-in-hand with the linear thinking and believing as it taps into only one spa

ce of dimension and resonance. In this way there can be much that is lost as in the greater aspect of you, who are humanity, and higher information recording technology. Know that this is shifting at rapid speed for your evolution. Utilize the gateways as we created and are working with them together.

The Pleiadians/inner earth and galactic families have never left and exist with Gaia


Pleiadians/inner earth and galactic families. It is not so much that we have returned as that we never left but went into other planes of existence / reality of dimensions that are connected and part of yours. In linear thinking it appears that many have left as in your elementals, faerie realms, gods, galactic light families; where did they go and leave to?

We have been here. Venus Shambhala, as many refer to Lemuria, didn’t leave completely but rather shifted its vibratory resonances forces. It can and is a part of Earth/Gaia history and current resonances.

Why we seem to be more tangible in the human experience ideology and belief systems is because it is time; there is an interdimensional and evolutionary alignment and timeline in place that allows for the worlds to become more balanced and whole. It can be viewed as a return of your true nature and of many things that appeared to have left your world.

A beautiful light wave band is unfolding that encompasses all things of connectivity in the Universe. As the sun shines from the place of the center source, we are this love that distributes a frequency of light. We love you and we are family.33

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Blue Rays in Hiding Time to Be Revealed: Calling All Rays to Unite-Sacred Divine Feminine Healing – Shekina Rose



ART : New Moon Goddess – Montserrat (see below)

New Moon Goddess by Montserrat the sacred feminine


Blue Rays in Hiding Time to Be Revealed:

Calling All Rays to Unite

Sacred Divine Feminine Healing

You my dear beloved are from the rays of the spectrum of Light, you are the portal from which Creation comes forth and makes God alive! Born on Earth, you came though a specific ray of creation that would best suit your purpose, soul and planetary evolution. 555

It is time for the dispensation of the Blue Ray Light of Creation that carries the Sacred Divine Feminine of balance and healing for the planet. The violet fire has released limitations and paves the way for the blue ray, as they work very closely together. The violet fire will continue to transform lower vibrations. Many Blue Rays have violet in their fields as part of their sacred mission and purpose of transformation through grace.

It is important that the spiritual beings in hiding that carry the encoded frequency of the Sacred Divine Feminine take back their God-given right of sovereign power. You are part of the support and foundation of the great shift that will bring the Golden Age. You know within your soul and being if you carry the healing encodement frequency of the Sacred Divine Feminine and you need not be a woman or Blue Ray though many are. 13


Image result for blue ray beings

Taking back your divine power

Many beings have soul scars and group soul energy imprints of fear of being the embodiment of their sacred divine power. You have soul memories of being put to death, isolated, imprisoned, and dis-communicated from society if you were found out for the true shining light you are.


These memories and encodements were put into place so as to not continue the same pattern of misuse of power here on Gaia. These energetic imprints and frequencies are now being called to be transformed. They have served you and are part of your alchemical equation of your heightened state of becoming your Christ consciousness of the Divine Star lineage DNA.
Most of the power structures and systems here in the earth reality are not in peace with the Sacred Divine Feminine and Gaia. The Sacred Divine Feminine encoded frequency of the Blue Ray has a holy power that is in complete alignment in Harmony to Source Creation and creates balance on the earth plane. The 2012 shift, Blue Orb spheres and the Blue Ray dispensation of Light work together in a synergetic field in returning to the sacred ways and becoming unveiled in your true essence through the Sacred Divine Feminine.
When you are truly in your Sacred Divine power, you are in unity with your I Am Presence overlit by your Christ self. To be fully aligned in your Divine power through the Sacred Divine Feminine is a humbling and holy experience. This is where you receive your ascension halo, the Christed light. You have vast resources of source creation serving you completely as you are aligned in your heart to Creation.33

Taking back your power is the path to ascension; it is done through the Light of the Sacred Heart, Higher Heart.

The power of the Blue Ray Invocation will increase your divine power vibration in a gentle way through the Sacred Divine Feminine essence of love and gentleness. The time of being in your Divine power in holy alignment with Source Creation is now!

Align yourself to your inner divinity by feeling the intuitive place of God within the Sacred Divine Feminine. Once you have experienced your center, use the power of creation in your spoken word in unification with your spirit essence, your I Am power Divine presence. 33

Blue Ray Invocation and Prayer

Take three deep inhalations and exhalations, emptying the mind and opening the Heart space.

“Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Germain, Keepers of the Blue Flame, Lords of the Blue Flame from Sirius, Legions of the Blue Lightning Angels, El Morya, Angels of the Will of God, Shekinah, Gaia, and my higher Self, please direct my highest good.”
Reaching out with both hands, then bringing to your higher heart chakra, begin:
“Gathering all parts of my core essence, in my sacred heart, in holy reverence of the Sacred Divine Feminine of Grace in me, I invoke the Blue Ray of Creation to strengthen the power of the will of God in my body and being.
Power of the Blue Ray, anchor my full expression of creativity and purpose.

May I glorify and serve the Divine Plan of unconditional Love and Light. Awaken my voice, that I may speak my truth in the harmony of my radiant I Am presence.

Empower my super sensitive nature that it may serve as my beloved master guide to discern and commune with the energies of Creation.
May I be the place of peace, a gift to God in the joy of living.
Blue Ray Elohim, wrap me in your enfolding Love of Light of complete protection,
for I Am whole, in my absolution as a sovereign being, One with Creation, in perfect unity, an instrument from which God flows I Am.”
We have much to share with each other, the whole of Creation. Your star sisters and brothers of light, Galactic families we are One!

Thank you beloveds for coming to the planet and remembering who you are, for being Love when it has not been easy and for letting go, forging ahead and your continued evolving. You are such a gift and presence here for all of Creation.


The rays are coming together, all needed, all required, all blessed, all beautiful, each one of us having the perfect unique expression for the Divine Plan.
The rainbows have been showing up a lot this year through Solar Ray stargate (the Sun) on clear, sunny days, landing in my hand many times to let me know it’s time to come together and our full range of our DNA ready to come on line. We are all here on the earth plane, we made it and it is very real who we are and what is truth in our hearts.


What I see is the rainbow ray of creation that is connecting to the Vortex of Cathedral to the Earth and to me. As I am you, as we are the connection source of light, Light Workers. Shekina Rose at the Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona Arizona, with the light transmission generators.
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Blue Ray Transmission Empath Starbeing Angelic Gateway Dimensional Shift 444 – Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

angel blue

unknown artist


Blue Ray Transmission Empath Starbeing Angelic Gateway Dimensional Shift 444

A stronger connection to the Angelic realms to the planet has occurred There is no places that we cannot reach you on earth, we are here and always with you. The Angels

A dimensional shift is occurring at this writing and beckoning you to awareness and to be a part of the higher frequencies and cellular light increase. This new gateway will open your sight into the inter-dimensions and messages from 5th higher dimensional beings. Go within.


Your cellular memories are awakening of the Angels and celestial Light communities you are from, also referred to as the Angelic Star Tribes, Bird Tribe, Angelics and Star Seeds. Many of you have alliances with those sacred lineages. The Angelic dimensional gateway is here and reverberating in your longing to be united to resonate to what it is to be a true real Human. 33

444 the sign of the Angels. Their presence is with you.


There is an increase in seeing these signs of the Angels, the Angelic Realms and celestial star communities. The Angels and Angelic Realms are more accessible and are reaching out to you through signs, signals and in a variety of ways of Nature.


Angelic Realms signals:


The Angels and Angelic communities may be reaching out to you through signs of Angels in the shape of clouds, birds and feathers coming to you, in dreams, through a gentle breeze where you feel their signature message of love. “Call on us and we will be there; we are a part of humanity’s ascension.”

Angel Numbers from the Blue Ray Angelic Lineage

444 A power house of Angels are available to assist you or try to get your attention.


55 Archangel Michael working through the Blue Ray is nearby.


555 Archangel Michael. His energies of power, change and emphasis are put into service.


22 Archangel Raphael is ready to help. He provides healing energies and is a twin bringing electromagnetic balance to the energy body and relationships.


88 Archangel Gabriel is assisting you in your communications, creations and in sharing your life path gifts.


The Blue Ray Angelic

The Blue Ray Angelic is an ultra sensitive empath who is a Blue Ray and has strong resonance to the Angels and may have been an Angelic being. The Angels have a pronounced vibration in your field where you can communicate and know they are with you on some level.


Being an Angelic Blue Ray Starseed, I have a strong connection to the Angels and yet over the last month there has been an incredible increase with the Angelic realms and Angels. I also have a special affinity to the Angelic Star Tribes and there is connection to the lineages to the Bird People and Bird Tribes.

I can feel their Angelic presence has increased resonances in my life and can feel my angelic DNA as a presence throughout my entire energy field; this is a first time experience. I am also seeing a white light portal open up to me-it can be in a flash of light that lasts longer so I know it is them. And never before have I seen so many 444.


Enjoy this most amazing time on Gaia as we have crossed over into a higher dimension and our access to our beloved Angelic and Light celestial communities can easily reach us and many of us are becoming Angelic Star human.
Shekina Rose


A Gift to Humanity from the Angels “Angelic Love” 
Sung in an Angelic Language ,the Lost Ancient Solfeggio
528 HZ Miracles, Transformation and DNA Activation
to be used and passed on

You are not alone! 
The angelic communities are with you, 
We are apart of humanity, 
The realms of Light are stronger upon the planet, 
Your essence is Love, You are a Divine Power 

and you are so beloved! 444


A stronger connection to the Angelic realms to the planet has occurred, 
We are aligning into the light realms of our ancient star lineages and DNA,
as a New Earth conscious grid is being created by YOU!

This music is a bridge that opens the Angelic Light Realms of communion, please enjoy!


Ancient Solfeggio Scale Miracles and Transformation

 Shekina does not consider herself a singer, but sings and tones only to bring in the Language of Light, the Holy Frequencies of Creation, where she was attuned when she went to the Light and back through a near death experience. In an amazing discovery, science has analyzed her voice and a physicist verified that not only do her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz Love, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair).

   Thank you Keith Allen Kay for your amazing gifts and creations
Contact Him for Angel Wing healing and

HoloPhotonics 2 discover more here:  email:



Thank you beloveds for coming to the planet and remembering who you are, for being Love when it has not been easy and for letting go, forging ahead and your continued evolving. You are such a gift and presence here for all of Creation.


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10:10 Gateway Ascension Symptoms: New Forerunners Leaving the Matrix ~ Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

shekina ascension

picture by visionary artist, Jean-Luc Bozzoli.


10:10 Gateway Ascension Symptoms:

New Forerunners Leaving the Matrix

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

Many of the Star Seeds, Blue Rays and the New Forerunners, who have been on the trailblazing ascension path for a long time, will be the first to be experiencing this vibrational shift.

As you are leaving the old matrix, this time-space may feel very different from anything you have experienced before. First to experience this are the New Forerunners-the first wave frequency anchors, and Blue Rays and Star Seeds, who have been on the ascension path for many years, even decades. Coming to this place you may feel that your mission is over. There may be such a sense of completion for some, it may feel you could cross over and leave the planet. 888

What is occurring is you are leaving the old matrix and crossing over from a lower density to a higher frequency where the 10:10 gateway arrives. Many will enter a lull period or incubation place where it will seem that much is coming to a stop before the new time-space fully begins.

Your arrival and period of this incubation place will be in waves or groups and at different times. The Star Beings who entered this resting period first have already moved into the new space as others are entering.

Metamorphosis Ascension Cavern

In this metamorphosis ascension cavern, you’re bringing all your parts into integration as the Soul presence is anchoring within the higher dimension Earth. You also are awaiting the arrival of your light family’s soul song assembly that will create a perfect harmonic code. This harmonic code will open a gateway that anchors the New Man of Light and New Earth resonances. 333

This space can feel foreign to the first wave frequency holders as you have been on the trailblazing path of intensity for so long to get the mission done that you may not have known any other way to be.

Your sovereign existence and leaving the old domain

Now, the breath is getting you in touch with your full self of integration. Who are you now? Decide through your sovereignty person power how you wish to play and be, and that you are here and have arrived. Know you are more of the true essence that you came here to be in this lifetime.

For the empathic Star Beings, New Forerunners, as you come to this gateway on your journey, know you have come a very long way. You have maintained and deepened your empathic and intuitive senses. These are powerful divine tools of connection to the unity heart of humanity, to all life, and to the multi-dimensional universes. 444

New Forerunners mission vibrational bridge for the new human species

You are the Way Showers and New Forerunners of your genetic and ancestor DNA and a vibrational bridge for the new human species. You activate the divine blueprint through clearing damaged genetics and anchoring a higher frequency on the planet. This would assist humanity in a major evolutionary step.Many soul contracts and alignment activations with Gaia and the land have been completed and others to a degree that you can decide how to proceed.

The 10:10 Ascension gateway endings, rebirth, new life in a higher frequency

The 10:10 Ascension gateway means a full cycle is complete and whole. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher frequency and choose your next course of activation. You do not need to cross over and come back-the painful process of dying and rebirth and taking a whole life to remember what the soul is and has learned. You can do this within this life. You are living many lifetimes in one now. Through this gateway into your new lifetime, you can bring the greatest aspects-empowerment of soul wisdom, love and what you have acquired. You cannot bring through the gateway what does not serve your new life and purpose, relationships and ties to the past.

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for ascension symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process. These are suggestions; trust your own intuition.

  • From feeling vacant and thinking your not connected to experiencing deep powerful heart emotions. Times where you suddenly feel you heart space open up with crying and weepy. These a deep powerful intergrations where you are expanding your inter dimensional filed of love in your Divine original Blue print.
  • Feeling bloated not being able to lose weight even though you maybe not eating as much. Your body is anchoring deeply and responding differently now.
  • Not wanting to work like before and or experiencing a lull time space where projects have are been put on hold. During these lull times it may be challenging to do your work as your body and being wants to enjoy life’s simple things and pleasures. This is an integration place. There may have been a time space where you were very driven in work and in the mission and as you hit the lull 10 10 your body and being wish to anchor and be rejuvenated. You are keeping up with what needs to be for life though with resting, relaxing and seeing with new insights.
  • Frequency vibration Dietary changes
  • Periods where if feels challenging just to be in the body
  • Heavy in the body for the Angelic Blue Rays who tend to be a being of ethical nature you have gotten used to living in this space the Crossover time may feel uncomfortable. As you are adjusting the body may feel heavy. You are going deeper in to integrating the angelic frequencies to your higher nature of being.
  • Resolving and the resolution of relationships and ending of soul contracts. There maybe times when you want to bring some of the relationships and people with you through the 10 10 gateway, that are not in harmonic resonances to who you are now and your path. As you try to make it happen your true being will rise up and action will occur from the discordance in the frequencies that will end the relationship. As there is not a resonate of alignment matching there is nothing than can be done other than to honor and accept and to allow each other freedom and choice.
  • Times of exhaustion
  • Not being able to handle the normal stress of life. These are times that your body energy field is doing heavy integration downloading into deep self where all your energies are being used for this. Listen and trust your intuition to guide you at these times, Give your self extra care and nurturing and the peace and freedom to allow yourself to be for a while.
  • Having Life review for your new life of a vibrational shift of frequency
  • Your spirit calling you for joy and a renewal of Life.

Being soul focus on the path for so long may at some level limited your focused on the mission this steered your life. Now that you are here where some of the New Forerunners have been on spiritual-driven missions, be open to be replenished on a new level and in new ways.

Celebrate the small and the big rewards. Acknowledge your ascension journey by enjoying all the blessings that have brought you here, no matter where you think you need to be. It is the place that the Universe has conspired together in love to lead you. Allow yourself the joy of being in human form that has given you the instrument for the inter-connectedness of all of Creation. A gateway that you’re spiritual credentials have created of a new alignment within the forces of light and divine power awaits you now.

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Shekina Rose Singing through the Angelic Venusian Light @ Shekina Speaks

From the Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ. 
 “A Love Song from Venus”  in an Angelic Language
Healing the Heart Template
our Connections to the Stars!

Shekina Rose Singing through the Angelic Venusian Light Language of Love

Listening to the Venusian Light language of love will help your Heart body temple to remember and be activated to your Divine DNA to anchor greater Love, Unity, and your connections to the Universe and the Stars ~

The Language of Light , “the Language of the Angels”,
contain codes that open the field to reach many planetary worlds and higher levels of reality ~ sound keys to the vibratory matrix.
The Language of Light, can stabilize the tectonic plates of the planet to restore the galaxy harmonic resonance.


 Venus and our Galactic Star Connections:

Awakening you as a Galactic Star Human

Earth Stewards and Guardians of the New Earth

 Carries the Pink and Ruby Ray


Venus is the sister planet of Earth


Holds the higher dimensions and octaves for the seat of Divine Mothers Retreat, Shamballa and Ascended Master Teachings

Lady Master Venus the divine counterpart of Sanat Kumara holds your connections to your twin Flame cellular memories.


Healing and the reunion of the separation of your twin Flame split ~ Temple of the Heart Pure love Healing


 Venus Blue Ray Connections for the New Earth

Venus resides on the higher ethereal planes where their architecture, learning, creations and all areas of life come from pure love. And where many of the ascended master’s and the white brotherhood teachings come from. Venus holds this frequency of harmony and beauty for all life, as in ‘the Law of One’ activating your cellular memory for the new earth.




Goddess of Venus with the Angels of love from the  

Venus Retreat of the Divine Mother

Venus BlueRay Connection


Many of the Blue Ray and Starseeds have an angelic nature  and are attune to the Angelic realms. And are caring out you’re mission through the Sacred Divine Feminine to assist in balancing the energies of the planet.

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Archangel Michael’s Blue Ray Angel Number 55 meaning ~ Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks


Arch. Michael’s Blue Ray Angel Number 55 & Power Protection Grid for Empaths and 10:10 Stargate

Archangels Michael’s Blue Ray Angel Number 55 meaning

You are God in form; your hands – each one with five fingers, represent the almighty hands of God, that equal 55 – twice the power protection of God, that equals 10 which means a full cycle is complete and whole. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher frequency and choose your next course of activation. The 55s are the action and power of God’s movement of the universe to bring wholeness and balance in whatever you are praying for to bring you forward into life.
Archangel Michael’s Double Blue Sword of Protection

The double blue swords of protection are literally an energetic matrix X, that come down in front of your sacred heart and solar plexus creating a Power Protection Grid from all that does not serve your highest nature to your Christ I Am in form. The double blue swords of protection ground and neutralize overwhelming frequencies so you may feel in your bodies your true power and essence until you feel/sense that you do not require this assistance anymore.

This is a Holy dispensation of Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray to nurture and honor the sacred divine feminine within you. So you may experience greater trust to commit fully to being in your bodies and being home here on Gaia. This creates huge amounts of accessible life force empowering your path of Light and Divine Original Blueprint power source.

The protection grid creates an energetic stability so you may participate more in your world, giving your immune system a chance to build greater strength and resistance. This will create a spiritual awareness cognizance to your earth bodies through the electromagnetic pulse of Gaia so you may balance yourselves at will to the Cosmic Pulse. This leads to the ultimate protection and power, the emergence of oneness and unity – wholeness. You, the sensitive empathic Star Being, are already designed and programmed for this unity telepathic communication of the universe – it is the true way of your Divine Blueprint.
Archangel Michael’s Double Sword Protection Grid & Electromagnetic Balancing

Prepare your body and spirit by touching your 3rd eye and higher heart the sacred heart, making an 8 sacred alignment then take arms crossing them as in a X fashion over your heart chakra and still crossed flip down over your solar plexus, hands straight reaching to the heart of Gaia, then back to your heart to seal grid.

Then say:

In my Beloved I Am presence of the universe,

I am ready to release what no longer serves my highest good and greatest joy,

I call Archangel Michael, the Blue Ray Codes of Light, Legions of Michael’s Warrior Force Angels, and invoke your Double Blue Ray Sword Protection Grid now, so I may be in my divine power and sovereign self now!

In Grace, Elohim, balance my Electromagnetic energies to Mother Gaia’s perfect Harmonic Christ grid;

Empower and harmonize my energy fields and body to radiance and perfect vibrant health;

Release all interference, disturbance, lower density, any energetic in any form not of my true core essence and well being to Source Creation, never to return to my space again, as I instantly seal, align and balance all my energy bodies and fields in my higher self alignment of peace, now!

Please, Archangel Michael and my Holy Christed self, do what you know needs to be done so I am whole and in complete divine alignment.

Thank you and it is done!

We know of your highly evolved and advanced gifts of light, this is who you already are. We sense that you wish to go beyond and we say that is your great true Mastery of being, to bring yourself and divine essence to your bodies, to Gaia. As you do, what you have sensed and felt will come true – that you are so much more. We are giving you the ancient sacred technologies for you to build upon and create the new age of Light; this is what is required for you to reach the next level and frequency shift.

Come back home to your bodies and into the sacred heart which will activate your divine blueprint, what you came here to do, restoring the ancient codes of Light back to the cells of your God DNA. This is your place of longing for home that was encoded by your soul before birth and was done not so you would wish to leave or feel alienated here on Gaia, on the contrary, so you would remember, awaken and fulfill your destiny – to know the holy power of the sacred heart in your body, the true connection to power and source right where you are. It is time to bring all that you are to Gaia, as all of Creation is your home in the heart of God, your I Am consciousness of being truly alive. 13

Continue to receive and be open, be at home where we can find you so we may give to you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven. 333 We are one with thee in divine alliance in the cosmic heartbeat of Creation.

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Are You From the Blue Ray?
Star Beings & Walk-ins
The Lost Ray of the LightWorker Find out Here?

Archangel Michael Double Sword by Mary Angelico

Who Is Shekinah – Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

Virgin Annunciate tempura painting (1450-55) by Fra Angelico at Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, MI.

ART : Virgin Annunciate tempura painting (1450-55) by Fra Angelico at Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, MI.


I am Shekinah, the one flame, the holy mother of creation.
The fire that begets the other flames.

I am the sister, the grandmother, the mother, the daughter and the child.

I am Mother Mary, I am Kuan Yin, I am White Buffalo Calf Women, I am Tara, I am Isis and I am Gaia your earth mother.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

Who is Shekinah?

Shekinah is the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation. She is the divine mother, the original goddess, the female representative of source creation.

Shekinah, the indwelling one, resides within all of you. Through her you will be able to embody the Christ Consciousness as she awakens the christened female in order for you to merge with the christened male.

She is Mary Magdalene with Jesus representing both aspects of creation finally together to bring peace and ascension to all.

It is Shekinah’s female essence from Source Creation that has manifested in human form in many different ways through saints, avatars, bodhivisitas and deities in both male and female form.

Shekinah is the great awakener. If you open your Sacred Heart she will come forth and show herself.

I am here to help you to know yourself.
I am here to assist you in becoming what you already are.
I am here to show you what you already know.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

As Shekinah awakens, her gentle yet dynamic force brings female frequencies to you and your planet.

The world needs this balancing frequency at this time, a time of great tribulations.

You have 20 years left before you destroy and pollute your environment to the point of no return.

Your Earth Mother Goddess

Shekinah Speaks

Throughout history, I have come in different forms and many different ways, so you could experience this female part of Source Creation. All aspects of God through the Divine Feminine are me, Shekinah. It is time for you to welcome this part of Source Creation in your lives and world.


When I, Shekinah, come to you through Gaia then it is your planet that needs attention. It time to look at earth and your relationship to her by becoming aware of how you are treating her and your bodies.

When I, Shekinah, come to you through Mother Mary then it is time to open your Sacred Heart and allow peace into your life.

When I, Shekinah, comes to you as Quan Yin it is time for compassion and understanding for yourself and towards your family.

I, Shekina, appeal to the female aspect of you, so you may know God fully. You are multidimensional beings. It is time that you know your multidimensional God.

I, the Divine Mother Goddess, am here to assist you in the restoration of your true human spirit and bring the embodiment of Christ and his return to all mankind.


It is time for the Light bearers to become The New Man of Light.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

Virgin Annunciate tempura painting (1450-55) by Fra Angelico at Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit, MI.


The Venus Heart DNA Love Codes Awakening the Galactic Star Human 13 ~ Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

The Venus Heart DNA Love Codes Awakening the Galactic Star Human 13

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.


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Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. BlueRay is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

The Venus Heart DNA Love Codes Awakening the Galactic Star Human 13  

Galactic Ambassadors Ground Cre

 Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

Venus is shining brightly to see in the night sky through her heart awakening of love at a higher spiritual level, enhancing many areas of all life, including relationships, healing, beauty and creations. The Venusians’ Love energies are also activating your cosmic cellular memories of your true galactic status, reuniting of partnership with Earth, celestial bodies and the Universe. 444


The Venus Love DNA human template contains codes of unity and harmonics through the extra sensory awareness of sensitivity and empathy. The blue rays and starseeds with super sensitive awareness and empathy have a deep connection to each other, doorways to other worlds and higher consciousness. The yearning though your intuitive presence of empathy is leading you to know where you are from and who you are in the Universe.


Star Sensory Empathy-Awakening the Galactic Star Human.


Your empathic nature is a beloved multidimensional sensory gift to be honored and cherished, and much more is being revealed in how you can use it for travel to other realms and transformation of energies. Know these empathic abilities lie within your Divine Original Blueprint, your stellar DNA of higher consciousness, your telepathic, clairvoyant and interdimensional natures, and go hand in hand with your ascension process of raising your vibrational frequency to awaken the Galactic Star Human.


Shekina Rose and Venus Pink Ships at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ    


Collaboration with Galactic Counsels and Starseed Alliances  


A shift and agreement has been made in a collaboration process with the higher realms, galactics, intergalactics, and counsels to work together with the starseeds, light bearers and other groups on Earth. The higher realms and interdimensional planes, ascended masters and galactic counsels and federations have sent their ships and light portals to empower and awaken humanity.  


  Awakening the Starseeds of Atlantis and Lemuria


What we wish you to know is much of your awakening memories and recall are true, especially the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, when there was a greater harmonic resonance to Source on earth and other lives on other planets. Many of the starseeds on the ascension path are awakening to their star origins and reconnecting to their galactic families to collaborate in Alliances of Light. 444 


This is your Star DNA lineage aligning within the heart matrix to know who you are and in bringing humanity to galactic citizenship to become sovereign, whole and free.

Remember to not give your power and authority away to any beings or groups that may seem to be greater or more advanced than you; use discernment and know you are coming as an equal, as a Galactic brother and sister in the Universal family of Light. You are a sovereign star being of galactic stellar heritage of many ET races and angelicas, and the true call of Source, home frequency, is always of kindness and humility allowing your true heart and intuition to guide you.


You are being called from the central source of the ancients to awaken, align and harmonize within the temples of the heart of love with your soul star families on Earth. Your awakenings, belief, trust and greater love for yourself will lead you into unity in the Law of One, to be of greater service, so you may align with your Galactic Universal families to bring humanity to a sovereign state and illumination creating the New Earth.  


Love From your Star family ~ 444  
We see You!


Thank you beloved star family of light for your path, struggles, triumphs, amazing courage, faith and persistence in knowing there is beauty and hope for humanity, in being forgiving, working on yourself and letting go, and knowing the Mother’s Heart. The Goddess allows for all life with non-judgment, knowing all children are worthy no matter how indifferent their acts appear, remembering, knowing and being Love. When you Felt alone is that is when you broken free from the old dogma, tribes and belief systems that no longer serve. For feeling attacked and ridiculed because you were different, there was a holy strength of divine power, your true character emerging in those times, strengthened in the love of the universe that felt and held your true essence of being. You have become an even brighter star and light in the Cosmos, beaming throughout the Universe your home frequency, your true course. You kept forging ahead, picked yourself up, and kept believing in higher love and truth. You did not shut down and you were not alone; we are here, the Divine truth of your connection to all things, the holy power of your existence.




As we are coming together in magnificence of the Divine Plan, shine in your true radiance, allow yourself to be seen in this love, it liberates others; share your light, share your love. In the greatest gratitude, honor and love for your being, you are cherished, and for life everywhere! I LOVE YOU!


Shekina Rose, Blue Ray, Starseed, Light Language of Love Harmonic Vocalist Galactic Ambassador of Unity


Venus Pink Ship Portal at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ  

Appearance of the Venus Pink Ships Awakening Heart Love Codes the Galactic Ambassadors Ground Crew and Alliance of Light 33

These are the Venus light portals and pink ships bringing support to humanity of Love, beauty, healing and beautiful creations to the planet. The Venus light portals and ships come through the Solar Sun transmission from the Galactic Central Sun and have been unlocking your Crystalline Body Seals. These Crystalline Seals awaken the Christ template and dormant DNA connections to ancient sacred knowledge and spiritual potential of an advanced human.


Shekina Rose is working in collaboration with the Venus light ships of support in the Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona, along with the Pleiadians of Peace who are bringing ancient sacred technologies and awakenings. The vortexes in Sedona are electromagnetically heightened spiritual ley lines. People from all the over the world are drawn to Sedona for the spiritual power emanating from the vortexes and majestic red rock mountains and panoramic views.

 Interaction with Solar Ray StarGate makes a symbol appear on Shekina’s wrist Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ   


 Shekina Rose and Venus Pink Ships at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ      


Sedona is said to be the city of Lights and is the home of the Star Beings and Galactic Star Seed Ambassadors where they are powerfully called to come and live and be of higher service for humanity and Gaia.


The Galactic Star Seed Ambassadors must raise their own vibrational frequency with the enhanced spiritual cosmic power of the vortexes so they can attune and commune with other star seeds for healing and light alliances. Know that you, the starseeds, light bearers, gatekeepers and new forerunners from all over the world are having increased awakenings from the heart matrix of the Cosmos. From the location on the earth that you have been drawn to live, these connections and divine alliances are being made for yourself and that area on Gaia, as many are coming online as intergalactic ground crew and heart awakening centers.




Important: This information may appear to some to be sensational and/or only for certain groups or special persons. This is not the case. The positive evolution and right of all humans is to know who they are, where they’re from, what their DNA is made of and what it can do. Sightings, connections with other ETs, other-worldly beings and gods have been occurring since the beginning of time-it is the history of humanity. Now that we have technologies to record and systems to network and connect us all over the world, more of this information about humanity’s history is being revealed. In sharing our experiences and our true heart expression, we are creating disclosure and empowerment for all. The true authority lies within each of us. This is the New Earth!


Venus Pink Ship above Shekina’s raised hand at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona, AZ

all photos by Shekina Rose,  where camera is put on automatic when she feels heighten activity and when telepathing with the Galactic’s and star family.

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Ascension Symptoms Alert: I Want to Go Home and Ascend NOW! ~ A message from The Blue Ray channeled by Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

sekina rose blog 15.2.

Ascension Symptoms Alert: I Want to Go Home and Ascend NOW!

Most star beings already have or will most likely experience this during their time on Gaia.
Many of the Blue Ray and New Forerunner Star Seeds may be experiencing ranges of intensity of emotions that can include sadness and frustration due to core structuring expansion in the crystalline light body and fields. As you are also entering new time lines and cycle of dimension this can create a sense the job is done and a missing of home—completion. The endings and beginnings of the New Earth dimensions and vibrations can stir a deep longing for true connections and familiar landscape, as there seems to be no energetic place to go back to and yet not a visible recognizable future space. You, the New Earth Forerunners, Blue Rays, and Gatekeepers are the first to walk through these new parameters of dimension of time and space, decoding and surveying as you go. You, the divine designer, code frequencies carriers and change makers, are the transformers that make palpable a path and a way for others. Your heart spirit longing to connect with your star and soul family is the catalyst that will open these energetic pathways and opportunities for these sacred reunions to occur here on Gaia. 444

Wanting to leave the planet and go Home 11 11

Many of you have finished with long cycles, karmic and soul contracts worked through many lifetimes and spaces and wish for a respite and rest. You may feel you want to leave the planet and go Home. This may come as a surprise for some Star Seeds and Blue Rays who have already gone through these feelings of home and have worked to find your place and resonances on the planet to have this come up again. 33

I am ready to ascend now

Feelings of where do I belong on the planet and where is my home now and I am ready.  The increasing cellular light buildup of energies with a culmination of many soul dimensional and life time clearings, shiftings and endings can create a need to expand and ascend now. If you have not experienced this yet this may occur sometime this year and it may come out of nowhere that you burst with energies as a need to birth something new and a wish to ascend. Some souls will choose to leave the planet in the next three-year cycle, ascending through the gateways that have reopened.

New Earth Ascension symptom finding your anchor; where do I find home now

Frustration from increased cellular intensity of expansion of movement and to ascend, and at the same time wishing to be on stable ground your space of home. This is where you may find that you are leaving your body so as to find the space that is resonant and comfortable for you. What you can do: Take time to stop for a deep, conscious breath. Knowing you are breathing the breath of life, place a hand at your higher heart center, feel your presence coming back to your body, and say, I am not alone, I am the breath of life, the breath of Creation, this is my home center. What happens is your true and higher self kicks in as well as your world showing and reflecting back to you home and your resonance field. The ascension process is the expansion of your multidimensional beingness of shifting your frequency that goes beyond limitations of time and space, increasing your light vibrations. And as this goes through the body, cellular memories, ancestor earth grids and history and consciousness at different levels and rates at various times can create these shifts and tug and pull off your energies.

Where is home 333

Most of you have given up many attachments to the old world and 3D way of living and can experience frustration and resistance as to the last holding on of wanting a solid foundation in the way things have been. The wanting of a permanent home base, where you belong, and/or wishing to move and to create this home to anchor here on the planet can occur as you experience the levels of the ascension process. Know that you are creating a new home on Gaia, in unity of the Galactic Star DNA that connects you together, giving you a supreme divine power of the Universe.  A new earth in communion with kindred souls and star family for a greater foundation that surpasses the limitation of the past structures and belief systems is what you are creating and why you are here.

Home is here, just not in the place it used to be 333

The trueness of your being is still real, your purpose, gifts, your bodily vehicle are still here, the Earth is still here even though you may feel at times you are someplace else. The players and places may have changed and the true real you here has traversed the limitations of lifetimes, veils and consciousness. You are remembering what it is like to be in the space and how to integrate this into your life, world and the unity fields of soul consciousness and new light grids. 13 We, your star family and Blue Ray, align with you on Earth and in light fields and say you are not adrift; you are emerging past energy boundaries of resonances and constructs that felt safe in the past that can no longer serve, and as you create anew, ask how do I wish to play now as limitless being of eternal resources? 10:10

Your calling, your purpose your truth is your Home

Go into the calling of your soul, your truth, the Love of who, as this will permeate through all things and show you your home and center. Your home may not be able to be found in one small area anymore. Your home has expanded as Source is showing the greater you, the divine power to create and transform, to have the prosperity and abundant support in all your true heart’s desires to create the New Earth! Your calling keeps you in center and connected in communion with life, Source and the light. The Universe is wishing for a grander relationship with you, to show you more of your true home. And to bestow you with bountiful beauties of love and supply in whatever location on the planet you reside. You are truly in the most amazing times on the planet. Beloved New Forerunners, Visionary of the new codes, Earth Angels, New World Pioneers, thank you for your service in truth, love and light, your galactic star and light families are closer now than ever before as we await in knowing celebration our unity of homecoming is now!

The Empath Ultra Sensory Integration ~ Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

fb lotus female

The Empath Ultra Sensory Integration

In the coming weeks the New Earth frequency will require the ultra sensitive forerunners and Blue Rays to take some private and alone time. Taking periods of time to be in your own energy field will allow for your new sensory multidimensional upgrade integration. Many of you, the New World Servers, Light Bearers and Blue Rays are the first in experiencing and carrying these expanded resonances field vibrations through for the New Earth. 333

As you take this respite for recharging, a transformational renewal cosmically empowered by the expansion of Galactic cellular Light is creating your new foundation, a truer frequency. The old, outmoded restrictions and limitations that you may not even have known existed and that were placed upon you by others will be lifting. The universe is preparing you by shifting, rearranging, orchestrating endings and new beginnings and these can occur unexpectedly. 12 12

Ascension Symptoms Ultra Sensitivity and Emotional

For some Blue Rays, you may find yourself being ultra sensitive and emotional, not being able to hold back, speaking your truth and not being silent anymore. The Blue Ray of Creation is healing the emotional body through the sacred divine feminine and male integration to strengthen your inner being and heart center.

At times you may feel alone due to the increase of sensitivity, emotion, and the frequency dimensional shift that can appear as a division. This space is taking you to your deeper core essence where you connect in the unity field. Blue Rays work empathically on many dimensions and sensory levels at the same time and when going through a shift, it can feel overwhelming. You may feel more psychically and emotionally vulnerable to outside influences and any negative emotions can affect you.

Heart Core Expansion

Know at the same time a Heart Core Awakening is occurring in the body, being and Cosmos where you feel a heart burst expansion of gratitude, love and oneness. You may experience this as a physical sensation in the higher heart center of the chest.

Blue Ray Energy Transmuter 55

When feeling psychically and emotionally vulnerable to outside influences, group consciousness or any negative emotions, the Blue Ray Energy Transmuter can assist. 55

In the Blue Ray 55 is the number sequence for the Power of Archangel Michael.

Say:  Not of Love projection, be rectified in the Source Power of Light; Serve now in the higher divine plan known as Love, Light, Peace.

Power of the Blue Ray, strengthen my energy field of resilience and release all not of harmony to my being. Thank you.

The Blue Ray Hermit Shell

A tendency for the Blue Ray is to go into the hermit shell, going deeper into the separation of self and the outer worlds. As this has served as protection in your past while here on the Earth plane, now you are learning new ways that empower your abilities and strengths. Experience the allowance of the harmonization of your energy field which can require alone and quiet and at the same time start sensing the unified field and law of one also there. Using your intuiting and sensory awareness be open to the unified field and law of one through Nature. Nature and the realms you have been part of on a grander scale will support and nourish you.

The Light is showing in multidimensional ways how you, your true Divine Power and Divine Authority are to be a greater Earth steward of Light, love and compassion.

Endings and Beginnings: New Earth Relationships

As your Ultra Sensory template is upgrading and configuring you will not be able to tolerate negative or harsh energies. In relationships where you were holding a higher resonance field, you may find yourself not able to do so any more. The expanded awareness of your soul’s divinity as a new Earth steward with new purpose is placing you in perfect harmonic alignment for the new year.

Your being needs to evolve and expand naturally in the new Earth frequencies that your soul and guides have been aligning and working toward. You cannot match, transform or harmonize the energies any longer that are not a part of your new resonances field. You are shifting. In these relationships and spaces you may experience inner tension and friction, wanting to cry, dense energies, and not having the freedom to be who you are naturally.

This is a breaking and choice point for the both of you and is the natural occurrence of the evolutionary Cosmic force that is part of your soul’s forging nature. Know your inner being and sacred sensitive nature is creating many new pathways and alliances as you will be connecting and meeting your soul and star families. 55

Good News

The good news is this down time and hermit time will not be like others as you are much stronger in your energy field. You will be coming out to gather and connect in spirit with others and then go back in to allow the energies to assimilate with your new expansion of integrated awareness, this your divine template Blue Ray, a must for your well being, health and harmony. At different times in your life, cycle and day you will require more private and alone time than others.

Your alone cycles and sometimes hermitages cannot be compared to the normal 3d way of living; it must be uniquely yours and lovingly honored for you to thrive. Know that the Blue Ray codes have gotten stronger and more aligned in the Divine matrix resonances field, and this makes it easier for you to be in the world as you.

During this time of emerging and empathic awareness integration, trust your inner knowing as it will call you to have stronger energetic boundaries to know what is personally right for you. To also remember to allow yourself freedom from previous constructs and restrictions of how you did it in the past, even if that was two weeks or six months ago. You are going beyond past belief systems of what you thought was in spiritual alignment. You are coming into a greater wholeness at a whole new level, realm and dimension. You are experiencing the fuller aspects of your Divine Original Blueprint that brings more opportunities, abundance, sacred connections and beauty. 444

Enjoy this blessed time and opportunity of integration and transformation as the energies will shift and your renewed soul’s purpose of radiance will be called into action, movement and service. 33

You are being called to honor, nurture and care for the self, body and being, to be empowered by the shifts, growth and the other realms and dimensions that have awakened in you. Your sensitivity and love toward yourself to integrate in your being is a great preparation and divine quality of the sacred feminine needed for the balance and harmony of life. We, the Universe, the Light, your star family, the Blue Ray, your soul family of Earth, thank you. At times, it can feel as though you have been left alone, but know this message is telling you otherwise; the higher divine plane honors and is with you! 333

Blue Ray Transmissions: You are The Christ In his Return ~ Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

blue ray face




Blue Ray Transmissions

You are The Christ In his Return

For All Light Bearers

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker. “Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions. Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, you are the most dedicated souls of the highest frequency and sacred lineage, though you may feel you have not done enough.

You forged a new path with only the direction of your soul; many obstacles and challenges were put before you and you followed your inner truth. You took a step down in your light frequency to come through the veil that would act as a barrier to God in order to be in human form, yet you found a way to sustain your holy communion with Creator. At times, you felt alienated in a strange world yet you still transmuted the genetic damage of your family lineage and did not fall asleep, into illusion. You would not be reading these words on this page if you had.

You stood strong in the light of inner knowing, alone, as there were no churches or organizations to support who you truly were. You have accomplished more than most who have spent their entire lives working on a prestigious career in your created society. You were not given a medal, a trophy or certificate for your dynamic work and efforts, and many looked at you as different – in your own world. Yet this other world kept you connected to your true spiritual roots.

Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, you can come out now, it is your time to shine!

Your Mission Expand the God Consciousness, to evolve humanity, so they may reunite with your planetary brothers and sisters in the Galactic and Universal Counsels of Light. You, Blue Ray, along with the other rays of Indigo, Violet, Ruby, Crystal, Rainbow and more, came from ascended planets, systems and light realms carrying the specific coordinates of the perfect element of Nature and Creation. Each of you makes up the totality of the spectrum of light; each and every one of you brings the unique expression needed to support the whole of light and evolution on this planet and universe.

What’s Next – Changes, Endings, Beginnings and Opportunities

Everything will be touched by the Light. As you embrace this next alignment of light, Blue Ray, let go of everything you have carried that is not truly yours, all false images of God. This is not only occurring for you the Light Bearers, but for all of life. Feel deeply within, my beloved, I Am talking to a Master who knows the time has come. Yes it is time to be who you truly are, live it, feel it and have others see you for it. The hiding and waiting is over and, yes, you will be taken care of — the universe will support you!!! This is where you may once and for all release energetic patterns that have veiled your divine light. Enough light has been updated in the genetic codes and you no longer need to transmute genetic damage. You are free and this will be a process, to nurture and allow your true essence of Being.It is time for letting go, finishing up and stepping into your unlimited potential as more light penetrates earth. Your world, governments and institutions will all be experiencing this as well. Much will fall so the light may shine.You knew this would happen. It may not be comfortable at first only because you became accustomed to a way that is not truly who you are. If you look to your heart, you will know it is not your way. It is only something you have adapted to. You are here to be the Truth by the very fact that you exist by being your true nature. These transitions will continue with strength into 2012 where a new alignment will be set forth. From this place, what has occurred until that point, will determine much in the next cycle of light here on Gaia.

You Learned to Distrust God and Nature

You are the way showers of the new earth; you do this by bringing your multidimensional nature into your life. It is time to put your trust fully back into your Self, God and Nature. This is divine alignment. Many of you were taught to first go outside of yourself and body to experience God. This created a disconnecting harmonic from your bodies, your sacred feminine alignment with Nature and the earth. This kept you from trusting your inner guidance, and doubt and fear crept in. Humanity as a whole became easily deceived and controlled; now all this is changing because of your light and courage.Divine alignment or God consciousness starts with the higher feeling resonance with your inner self/body first, then higher Self, then Nature and then God/Creation; this will keep you balanced, safe and in harmony as the great purification proceeds on Gaia.This is the foundation to receive and know God, higher light, wisdom and healing. This is when true manifesting is effortless. We will be giving you the ancient sacred technologies and tools that you once knew through these transmissions. The Mother God principle will get these tools back to you, for it’s her essence that is bringing balance to Gaia. Why Am I Here? Second Coming of Christ You came to Gaia, for to send another created messiah or teacher would cause too much in the way of creating the same result as to follow that teacher or being. And yet the Christ seed was planted here on Gaia in the hearts of mankind a long time ago. First with Krishna and then with Christ which has brought us to the second stage of the plane of Light. This is also referred to as the second coming of Christ, the new man of light, the “embodiment of God”, and activation of your “divine original blue print”.

Krishna and Christ from the Blue Ray

Christ was a part of the Blue Ray mission as well as Krishna. Krishna was from the Blue Ray and the central core. Krishna’s color is actually blue and He is depicted playing a musical instrument. When you see Krishna playing the flute, he is actually playing in tune with the rhythms of Creation, bringing harmony into all life. Krishna planted the seeds into the genetic code of humanity from an ascended race to increase the capacity of God consciousness. In those times this is how it was done. It was in complete alignment with God/Creation and the highest Counsels of Light.This is why you are here. We wish to share with you more of what you already know, have sensed, and are awakening to.“Beloved, remember who I Am, I Am you. I Am the part of you from Creation speaking back to you, answering your own questions and thoughts.”Add me to get updated transmissions for the Blue Ray
Shekina channel for the Blue Ray, is a Divine Messenger for Mother Goddess and the Angelic Star Tribes. Her sound transmissions of the “Language of Light”, activate your “Divine Original Blue Print”. In her spiritual Performances the “Concert of Souls” many participants report having instant healing and awakenings and feel the blessing of Divine Mother Goddess and the Angelic Realms.

In 1990, Shekina had a prophetic encounter with her Star Family who conveyed to her that she was a star seed, and began the activation of her innate higher senses and abilities. Several years later, a second major transitional shift occurred at the time of a near death experience; Shekina was enveloped by the all encompassing Light, which created within her a vibrational attunement of opening to the higher realms and transmuting negative blocked energy instantly

She works with the Blue Ray and ultra sensitive beings in clearing and balancing their energetic field that aligns them to their divine power. Contact Shekina for private sessions and spiritual performances at: email <>561-667-4565 US.
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Reopening the Pleiadian StarGates & Earth/Star Being Reconnection 333 ~Shekina Rose @ Shekina Speaks

The song of the siren by ALBENA VATCHEVA PAINTER

ART ‘The song of the Siren’ ~ by Albena Vatcheva Painter


Reopening the Pleiadian StarGates and Earth/Star Being Reconnection 333

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

a message from The Blue Ray channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Tuesday, 15 July, 2014


Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission

Spoken of in your ancient text would be the return of hidden knowledge, illuminated truths and technologies. For many of the LightWorkers, New Forerunners and Blue Rays, a deep resonance within your being carries the knowing there is more of the grand Divine plan to be revealed and you are part of the awakening recalibration process that will bring it together. One of these hidden technologies is the ancient stargate portal to Divine Source.

The end of one cycle and events needed to occur for the cosmic alignment of these stargates to be reactivated. The ancient stargates were created eons ago by your extraterrestrial star family with the hope humanity would raise their consciousness so they could be active again. 333

What is a Stargate Portal and why are they are important?

They are significant now in establishing divine celestial energies of unity support, your reconnection to your galactic family of light, and can Increase your greater knowledge of your star origins, higher consciousness and Interdimensional technologies. A stargate portal can assist in the activation of advanced human and higher spiritual abilities. Some of the stargate portals allow high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of the time space-continuum and are interstellar etheric grid portal entryways of other realms, existences, time and dimensions.

The Pleiadian Peace Portal

The stargate portal we are speaking of here has been given the name the Pleiadian Peace Portal and it gives harmonic vibrational resonances to the center source and divine light power of Creation, aligning you to your Galactic Star empowerment. The point of origin of this stargate on Earth resides in the south west U.S. This is where the Rose Ray of Creation was anchored back onto the planet, where a higher concentration of energy centers of electrical and magnetic meridians on natural occurring sacred site formations occur.

Many lightbearers and starseeds are magnetically drawn to these places on Earth where your electrical system is activated to new DNA codes and your frequency is raised. Know that you need not physically go to the location of these stargates to have access to higher resonances source power, as they are now in the frequency resonance matrix and consciousness.

Who are the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are part of your extraterrestrial star family, were here on the planet in the beginning, has been part of Earth’s evolution, and created dimensional structures and conscience matrix portals. They are in your DNA patterning matrix and are connected to the Hathors. They exist in a higher plane of dimension, have telepathic and in-person meetings with beings of the Earth, and are in preparation for their next assignment and arrival into another band wave frequency. Some groups are assisting humanity’s stage of development and higher consciousness. 444

Earth/ Star Being Reconnection and the Number Sequences Awakening Codes

Many of you, the Earth Keepers, LightWorkers, New Forerunners and Blue Rays have paved the way for the ancient stargates to be reactivated. You are a Star Being liaison bridge of dimension where the frequency codes to activate them remain dormant until your arrival and recognition. Many of you have been drawn to the sacred sites, temples and vortexes of the Earth and received an exchange of pre-encoded triggers and activations. This created synchronicities and dimensional shifts in your reality and consciousness as in seeing the number sequences of 11 11, 12 12 and 444.

New Earth activation frequency codes of 13-33-333

These number sequences are gateways that activate heightened psychic or spiritual awareness and higher consciousness. You will be seeing more of the new activation frequency codes of 13-33-333 that are ascension through the balancing and awakening of sacred divine feminine and unity heart conscious alliances.

Your key role of the Star Being Earth Reconnection

Many of you have been drawn to certain crystals, sacred geometry, metals and gems, placing grids and crystals, toning and singing for the Earth, performing healing rituals and ceremonies with water, the oceans, rivers and streams, planting flowers, herbs and sacred gardens. You have been inwardly guided and inspired from the heavens and this has not gone unnoticed as it has created a healing matrix on the planet for much to occur and be anchored. Know that each one of you has a specific gift and is a frequency key holder vital to creating the new Earth. Thank you! 444

Earth Star Being Reconnection Important message

Be aware that much of your true history, ancient sacred technologies, and your extraterrestrial origins have been kept hidden and secret from you. And many times even when these ancient sites and technologies are rediscovered, your officials, scientists and governments take them away from you and sometimes a decoy is deployed so you will look in another direction. It is important to recognize and be conscious of what you are being awakened to, given personally and by other sources that you are inspired and guided to.

Be discerning and know that much is being revealed at this time on the Earth and in the cosmos, and not all portals, gateways and entryways (some of the inner earth portals) are meant for you to go into and explore. Know what is right and truth for you in the way it is experienced in your body and spirit; trust in that. 333

You have been awakened to your sovereign galactic starseed origins; you are being given back your ancient sacred tools of divinity; the time is now for your sacred path, purpose and expression and in unity, You are the new Earth. 13-33-333


Shekina Rose is being visited by the Pleiadians and the Pleiadians Peace ships. They have been showing her interdimensional ancient sacred technologies that she has created and is sharing. She has been anointed in the Rose Ray by the ascended master Mother Mary where the apparitions and appearances occurred at Cathedral Rock Vortex in Arizona. The Rose Ray in the Violet Flame of Supreme Divine Love is back on the planet to restore the balance of the sacred divine feminine that empowers our I Am presence.

Shekina Rose was activated by her star family decades ago and given prophecies to assist in restoration and activation of the Divine Original Blueprint, the New Man of Light.

As a Blue Ray Angelic, Sirian starseed, Shekina is a vehicle for the Shekinah in the language of light 528 Hz Miracles/Transformation Ancient Solfeggio scale and she is the Channel of the Blue Ray that assists the ultra-sensitive Star Being to be here and be empowered on the planet, so they may awaken to their higher purpose and spiritual gifts to raise the vibrational frequency of Gaia.

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

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